Great Quality Pest Solutions

About Us

Great Quality Pest Solutions is a local family owned business established in Florence, SC. We are committed to helping and educating the communities we serve through our experience and knowledge of the pest control field.  Our company still believes there are “Great Quality” people in the world and are proud to lead by example as we exhibit integrity, kindness, and honesty. With nearly 10 years of experience, Great Quality Pest Solutions’ certified Specialist are hardworking, structured professionals who are happy to serve you.


Our Mission is to be a moving pillar in every community around the PEE DEE Area. To show common courtesy, friendliness, professionalism, and acts of kindness. To provide efficient service to all people! To create an atmosphere of love and laughter! To bring back the tradition of a "Family Owned Business". Our mission is to be loved and admire for a lifetime creating a legacy to be proud of.


Our Great Quality Pest Solutions Specialist are certified through Clemson Department of Pesticide Regulations and Georgia Department of Agriculture. Our Specialist undergo a background check during the hiring process. We are trained for the safety and handling of pesticides. The Specialist must obtain extensive annual training in order to retain their certification. Knowledge and education are imperative to our success. Great Quality Pest Solutions recognize safety and security as a high standard of customer service and we stand firmly behind our Codes of Conduct.